Name: Maureen

Subject: Menopause at 36? I think not. 

Message: Last summer, three separate doctors informed me that, at the age of 36, I was going through early menopause/premature ovarian failure (and, in fact, my numbers indicated that I was 'post-menopausal' -- FSH high: 178). I was recently married and had wanted to start a family, so you can imagine my husband's and my surprise at this news. All the doctors suggested that our only routes were egg donation or adoption. After about six months of denial and taking HRT, I read a couple of books that recommended acupuncture and Chinese herbs (especially Inconceivable by Julia Indichova), so I made an appointment with Dr. Loh. He immediately put my mind at ease and gave me a small hope that he might be able to help me. He suggested I go off the HRT, which I promptly did (I never liked taking it). Six weeks of weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and I became pregnant. Unfortunately, I lost the baby at eight weeks, but I am certain that Dr. Loh's treatment will help me to get pregnant again. For any women out there getting similar diagnoses, take heart. There is hope.   

Name: Kathy Krickovic

Subject: Dr. Loh - "The Miracle Doctor"

Message: Dr. Loh was recommended by my friends who have been receiving acupuncture treatment for over a year with fantastic results, so I decided to see him for my sciatica. Now I call him "the miracle doctor" as I was amazed that after 2 visits I had 80% improvement and after 5 visits my pain was completely gone. No need for RX medication with side effects - I am truly fascinated by acupuncture. 

Dr. Loh is a very caring person who takes time to explain the treatment and takes insight into the status of general health, he ordered complete blood work and MRI for me and review carefully all results with me. Besides the pain being gone the whole experience was very uplifting spiritually for me and Dr. Loh appreciates the results he achieved. 

Name: Christine Youngclaus

Subject: Vertigo 

Message: I started to experience Vertigo 8 weeks ago. I went to my medical doctor, then to a neurologist, had and MRI done of the brain (everything was negative), then I went to and ENT and he prescribed more drugs (prednisone) and said that should heal me. NOTHING WORKED. I started to think there was something really wrong... until I spoke to Terry at Dr. Loh's office. She convinced me to come in. Thank God for Terry.  After my first acupuncture treatment. I felt some relief, then went for a second time, felt some relief and then the third time was the charm. I left Dr. Loh's office feeling less dizzy and by that night I realized it was gone. I waited one more day to make sure it was gone, and it was. Dr. Loh is a miracle worker. I feel great! Even my inner self feels better. I also started taking Chinese herbs. Dr. Loh also healed my worst menstrual cramps in one day as well. I highly recommend acupuncture. After suffering with vertigo for 8 weeks and took different prescriptions for weeks that did absolutely nothing, I was definitely open to anything. I am thrilled to have gone. Now I look forward to my visits. Again... Thank you Dr. Loh!!! YOU ARE THE BEST :)   

Name: Martha Avitabile 

Subject: My Visit

Message: I was intrigued, impressed and satisfied with my very first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Loh. He was patient, professional, and most of all, a good listener. I feel quiet comfortable scheduling more treatments and following his recommendations. 

Name: Terri Panyko
Subject: Acupuncture Restores Balance
Message: I originally sought Dr. Loh's help to relieve me of depression and anxiety. In the beginning I had to go 3x a week, then 2x a week, then 1x a week. The results have been incredible. He has also treated me for an imbalance in my menstrual cycle. I take herbs for 5 days once a month. I am one of 6 girls and none of us ever has a regular 28 day cycle. Many of us skipped a month here and there. Now I get my period within 1-2 days of when it is supposed to come. There is NO cramping. I am not even aware it is coming anymore! Dr. Loh has also helped me with heartburn. My traditional doctor wanted me to take Nexium every day. Thanks to Dr. Loh, I am more in balance and healthier then I've ever been! I am 42 years old. I call him Dr. Feelgood :) ​​

Name: Martha A. 
Subject: My "SAGE"
Message: I originally went to Dr. Loh for menopause issues that included: insufferable Hot Flashes, digestive problems, sleeplessness and anxiety. Chinese herbs and treatments, put me on the road to recovery in an impressive timely manner. In addition, his counsel helped me to become more aware on how to better align my body, mind and spirit. Without his care and counsel, those menopause years would have been an extreme nightmare for me. 

Four years later, I happily continue to see Dr. Loh on a regular basis to keep the "CHI" flowing and to maintain good health and emotional well being. He exudes professionalism, expertise, empathy, insightfulness and a serenity that is contagious! 

Name: Mary Ann O'Rourke  
Subject: Dr. Loh is a gifted healer...
Message: I went to Dr. Loh without a great deal of hope that he could help me. I have suffered from Meniere's disease for 10 years, and the doctors I had seen had told me there was nothing they could do to help me. I suffered from the intense pressure in my ear, very loud tinnitus, and periodic dizziness and vertigo attacks. Let me say again that I lived with this condition for 10 years, and though I had learned to adjust, I was fearful of what the future might hold for me, and not sleeping well because of the discomfort. I know it sounds crazy, but after one acupuncture session with Dr. Loh the pressure in my ear was gone, and within a few days and with another treatment, the dizziness was gone. 

My balance is gradually going back to normal, and I have been sleeping SOOO well. Dr. Loh is a kind and gifted healer, and you don't have to be fearful that he is trying to scam you, or doesn't know what he is doing. I am so grateful to him for his help, and for his patience with my lack of faith! Thanks Dr. Loh! And don't give up on us Westerners... we are sometimes hardheaded and arrogant, but we can learn if you are patient with us! 

Name:  E.H.
Subject: Infertility
Message: I went to visit Dr. Loh after being told by several doctors and an IV specialist that my chances of conceiving were 1% because the fertilized egg could not attach to my uterus. My only options were using a surrogate. Hesitant to go this route, I went to see Dr. Loh for acupuncture treatments. I had never received acupuncture treatments and was not sure if they would work. After 7 months of treatment, I conceived naturally. It was truly a miracle and my doctors were shocked given the repeated number of miscarriages I had. Dr. Loh treated me at the beginning of my pregnancy till I made it through to the critical three month period. Dr. Loh is incredibly competent and kind. H was very confident that infertility can be treated with acupuncture. He was very optimistic about my chances of getting pregnant. Today, I am the happy mother of a beautiful four year old daughter and I am grateful to Dr. Loh for his competent care. 

Name: Angela G
Subject: Infertility 
Message: I went to Dr. Loh after trying many infertility treatments and after reading an article on that stated that acupuncture increased your changes of pregnancy by 40%. I thought after reading this that there was no way I should ignore it and decided to try Dr. Loh I was never a believer in this type of practice but after a few visits, not only was I very relaxed at each visit, I thoroughly enjoyed going there and thanks to Dr. Loh, our first cycle of IVF WORKED AND WE NOW HAVE A BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY BABY BOY!!!

Name: Matthew
Subject: Tremors
Message: About two years ago I started to experience severe tremors throughout my hands that traveled up through my arms and across my neck.  They were so bad that I would get neck spasms and could not hold a simple piece of paper. I would not work they were so bad. My primary doctor has no clue and sent me to neurologist who ran several tests and tried a few different drugs with no actual idea as to what caused it. I even saw a movement specialist and he had no clue. I had always been open to other forms of medicine and was referred to Dr. Loh by my boss. Dr. Loh was extremely nice and asked a billion questions to make sure he understood not just the tremors but my whole state of mind and body. 

The first session did not work on the tremors but still put me at a feeling of ease. The second treatment stopped my tremors cold for three hours, since then when 1 treatment a week he can control my tremors as well that I was able to return to work and hold paper. I also have depression and Dr. Loh has helped that tremendously. I also had severe tension headache daily and he completely eliminated those with in 3 treatments. Any fear you may have of the needles put aside, they don't hurt and any discomfort you may feel is out weighed by Dr. Loh's ability to relieve or t the very lease reduce what ever pain or issue you may have. I've seen others and they can hurt if they don't know exactly how to meld both eastern and western medicine together. Dr. Loh is with out the best in his field. 

Name: Jennifer
Subject: Endocrine Issues, Frozen Shoulders, Headaches 
Message: I originally came to Dr. Loh to relieve the pain caused by bilateral frozen shoulders. I suffered from frequent migraine headaches. I have complex endocrine issues ranging from pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, and female issues. Needless to say, I was not feeling too hot. Dr. Loh has changed my pain levels to where they are manageable. I don't know how, but even some of the endocrine issues that were previously unstable have been stable since I have begun acupuncture. 

I did not know what to expect when I began it - I did not even know if I could believe in it at all, but the results sure were evident. Some happened right away, and some happened after a month or so, and some I am still waiting for but I keep going as it has helped me more in a shorter period of time than conventional medicine in my life. For those of you that are thinking of acupuncture, I would recommend Dr. Loh as he has worked miracles. 

Name: Xenia 
Subject: Dr. Loh
Message: I will forever be grateful to Dr. Loh for helping me get my health back. I had suffered from severe digestive disturbances for many years and did not get relief from any other doctor/acupuncturist/remedy until I came to Dr. Loh. He is intelligent, compassionate, honest and just one of a kind. He also helped me have a healthy, problem free pregnancy and helped in post-partum care. Since discovering Dr. Loh my mind is at ease, knowing that I have the best health care possible. 

​​​​Name: Jeannine Morris-Lombardi 
Subject: Cured Migraines
Message: I've been going to Dr. Loh for once a week for the past three months and belive he has cured my migraines. When I first met him, I had gone off of my migraine medication and was desperate to find something that can help. He explained that through balancing my hormones, he can cure my migraines with acupuncture. I haven't had a migraine since I started treatment with him and believe he was right. I recommend Dr. Loh, because he understands how to strategically use acupuncutre to treat and cure many issues. He's also very warm and knowledgable.

Name: S 
Subject: Post Partum Depression 
Message: ​I was referred to Dr. Loh after being diagnosed with post partum depression, and I am so incredibly thankful that I met him. On my first visit, Dr. Loh talked to me for over two hours, which was more time than I had spent all of my Western doctors combined. He wanted to understand my entire pregnancy, birth story, recovery, diet, and sleep patterns.

He assured me that I wasn't necessarily suffering from a typical "depression," but something he refers to as post partum exhaustion. He said my body was drained and depleted from the pregnancy, delivery, and the stress of caring for an infant. He offered me a ton of encouragement and hope, and told me that my body would benefit from acupuncture.

Since seeing Dr. Loh, my body feels so much better! My mood has improved, I am able to enjoy my life more, and I am sleeping much more soundly. I can't say enough for what he's done for me. Thank you, Dr. Loh, for changing my life!

Name: A. R.
Subject: Life Without Pain
Message: ​I have been going to Dr Loh for years, so this review is LONG overdue and he is by far an amazing doctor and human being. Since my teens, I have suffered from constant pain, stemming from severe menses. The pains incapacitated me to the point where I would have to take the day off from school or work, experiencing nausea, vomiting and dizziness. For many years I had been prescribed 800mg of IBUPROFEN often taking 2 every couple of hours to ease the pain, and as you may gather this amount of medication also takes a toll on the body. Once I reached my mid 30's the pains grew excruciatingly worse, having been diagnosed with endometriosis. This meant that during my cycle, I would experience escalated pain due to the 4 cysts nesting on my ovaries. Of course, I considered laparoscopic surgery to have the cysts removed, however there is no guarantee that they will not return over time. So on a visit to my internist, I told her of these ongoing symptoms, indicating that I was searching for a non invasive/holistic procedure. She recommended I go to her acupuncturist, who happened to be Dr. Loh. Though I was hopeful, I have to admit I was skeptical towards this type of treatment; having spent the last 25 + years suffering from pain. I had tried almost every medical and non medical treatment, resigning myself to living a life with pain.

I thank god for what Dr. Loh has been able to do for me. With his treatments, he has eased most of my pain. My menstrual cycle is not as severe, allowing me to conduct my daily activities with minimal interruptions. As for the cysts, with continued treatments, one of them bursts, leaving 3 cysts on the ovaries, all of which have decreased in size. Also life's challenges brought about some depression, but that too we worked on. So now the skeptic has turned into a believer. Never could I imagine that I could feel this good, without meds or surgery. So if you are considering acupuncture, do your research, read the numerous reviews and see for yourself why Dr. Loh is the best.

Name: Gina
Subject: Miracle Worker
Message: ​Dr Loh is AMAZING! After an emergency c-section I suffered from excruciating nerve inflamation (which is very rare). After various opinions, all anyone told me to do was self medicate and take time. This was unaceptable as I had to be a mom to two kids and the pain was so unbearable I was practically bed-ridden. My friend recomended me to Dr Loh and even though I was skeptical, I was desperate for pain relief. Well I can tell you now I am a true believer in Chinese Medicine. Dr Loh was patient and caring and after one session my pain reduced immediately! I actually cried tears of happiness because all the other doctors basically shut the door on me. Thank you Dr Loh! I will recommend you to EVERYONE!


Name: Dizzygirl
Subject: When Nothing Else Helped
Message:  I found Dr. Loh last January and have been coming to see him ever since. Dr. Loh is the kind of doctor that everyone deserves to have but not everyone is lucky enough to find! He was the first doctor to ever truly listen to all my symptoms and make a diagnosis looking at the big picture. He has given me relief from vertigo caused from sinus issues, has balanced my hormones and has helped me tremendoulsy with migraines. Dr. Loh is kind, patient, reassuring and genuinely empathizes with his patients. He is a true professional and a gifted doctor and healer in every sense of the word. He is a rare find in today's world and I am so glad I found him!

Name: Kelly
Subject:​ Grateful 
Message: ​I do not know how I can ever fully express my gratitude to Dr. Loh. I first visited his office almost 3 years ago as a 'last resort'. I had been experiencing odd symptoms and no doctor was able to diagnose me. It is hard to describe, but after eating, it felt like I had rock lodged at the bottom of my chest. I constantly felt nauseous, I was always uncomfortable, and sleep did not come easily. My GI doctor basically restricted my diet to bread, water, and plain unseasoned chicken. I lost so much weight and was becoming dangerously thin. This went on for over 3 months. I was missing work left and right, constantly calling out sick. Life was so miserable. My doctors were running countless tests on me, including an endoscopy. They could not figure out what was wrong. I was given so many different pills to take throughout the day, I had to keep a schedule of when to take which pill. At only 28 years old, I felt like I was 95. This was no way to live. Finally, at the recommendation of my boss (and support of my GI Dr), I went to see Dr. Loh.

I was skeptical before my first visit. My friends were giving me a hard time, and told me of their unsuccessful experiences with 'acupuncturists' they had been to (upon further questioning after the fact, I found that these acupuncturists received their training through american night schools; Dr Loh studied in China. The care they received was not nearly as effective as the care I received).

My first visit was so incredibly comforting. I knew I was on the right track. Dr Loh sat with me for an hour to discuss what was going on in my life. He assured me that if I followed his directions, I would get better. I trusted him, and I am so happy that I did. The first treatment was like a dream. It was so relaxing, I actually fell asleep on the table. This from a girl who couldn't fall asleep in her own bed. I hadn't been that relaxed in months. I walked home, and prepared a meal for myself - nothing crazy, just a salad with some grilled chicken, but it was an actual meal and I didn't feel sick afterwards. My fiance was shocked, he couldn't believe his eyes. Within a week I was off all 8 medications my doctors had given me.

I am not going to lie, I was in pretty bad shape, so this was not a 'quick fix' (I don't believe a quick fix exists for the damage anxiety did to my body). It took a couple of months to get back to 100%. During that time, I did feel a little bit better every day. That is what encouraged me to continue my treatments and to follow Dr Loh's advice. I visited Dr Loh weekly, then every other week, and eventually once a month. I was back to my normal weight, slept well at night; I was able to go to work every day, and out with friends again. Life was good, and I have Dr Loh to thank for that.

I got married and had a baby since that first visit almost 3 years ago. These are things that I honestly believe would not have happened if it wasn't for Dr. Loh. He truly has a gift. I continue to go to Dr Loh every once in a while. Life can be stressful at times. It is really comforting to know that I found something that can relax me and allow me to live my life free of unnecessary anxiety - no pills or invasive procedures necessary, just a relaxing half hour with a very kind and gifted doctor.

Name: Guadalupe
Subject: My Gratitude 
Message: Dear Dr. Loh,
I came to you with excruciating back pain and as I walked into your office you happened to be in the lobby and greeted me. I saw concern on your face and I was attended to right away. Your receptionist, Terry, was attentive and kind. All I know is that I was able to walk out of your office with less pain than when I walked in. After a few visits I was pain free!
Thank you! Anyone asks, I say get acupunture and go to Dr. Loh!

Name: Ed

Subject:  How Effective Acupuncture is! 
Message: ​I was plagued with back pain, 3rd and 4th lumbar, epidurals and exercise did not help as the pain continued to recur. Surgery the bottom line. I am an avid golfer and had to get back on the course! Within less than 8 sessions, Dr. Loh had me swimming my clubs again and I recently had my best game ever - completely pain free! I am very happy that I was recommended to Dr. Loh and cannot speak more highly of him and acupuncture. Thank you Dr. Loh. 

Name: Michelle Hallajian​
Subject: ​Thank you so much...
Message: It wasn't until I was 35 years old that I found my soul mate and I married him at 36. I wanted to have a baby right away and began reading what seemed to be more and more negative things about fertility after age 35. Finally I was happily married and I so desperately wanted to get pregnant and start a family and it wasn't happening. I was becoming more and more anxious and during a tearful conversation with my good friend she told me that her mother had gone to Dr. Loh for anxiety and she suggested that I give it a try. I knew nothing about acupuncture but was willing to try anything if it would help me at all-if nothing else to relax. From the minute I walked into Dr. Loh's office I felt at ease with his warm and friendly Receptionist and then Dr. Loh sat and met with me. Looking back I cannot believe how much I had spiraled out of control with worry. Dr. Loh was so compassionate and attentive to what I was saying. He seemed so positive about helping me. After my first session I felt better and felt a calmness that is hard to explain but I left feeling like good things were ahead. With each visit Dr. Loh tracked my cycles and within four months I was pregnant! I was blessed with a very healthy baby girl at age 37 and he must have really aided in my fertility because 11 months later I was blessed once again with a very healthy baby boy!
From lifting my babies I have strained my back from time to time. I hurt my upper back and after trying everything to make it better I realized that I should go to Dr Loh. He cured me after one session. Then a few weeks later I hurt my lower back and developed very painful sciatica. I knew it had worked in the past but I didn't think that anything could cure the pain I was in. Once again, after one session Dr. Loh cured me-I walked out of the session 80% better and 2 days later I was 100% cured.
My experience with acupuncture had been excellent and successfuI and I thank Dr. Loh from the bottom of my heart for all he has done for me.

Name: Jennifer E 
Subject: Infertility 
Message: It took 3 years of trying to have a baby and thanks to Dr. Loh we have a beautiful daughter. I went thru 2 failed IVF's and 1 failed AI and countless infertility medications. I started to go to Dr. Loh 2x a week and not only did it relax me it also help me become pregnant.
Now that my daughter is 9 months old now I am going back to Dr. Loh to try for a second baby we are having issues again so now I can have the comfort of success thanks to Dr. Loh. He is an amazing and caring individual and his success rates are outstanding.

Name: Anonymous Older Mom

Subject: Conceived my first baby
Message: I had not had any trouble conceiving a baby before, but I had had two miscarriages and was approaching 40 and was so worried when I tried again that I wouldn't be able to conceive this time. Trying again after a miscarriage, and reading all the negative statistics on the internet, can make it hard to stay hopeful. Yet, hope is one thing you really need when you are trying to become a mom! 

I had read a lot about acupuncture helping, and thought that the psychological benefits alone would be worth it, making me feel I was doing everything I could to conceive. There is so much that is out of your hands when trying to get pregnant, and this was one thing that could help. (along with tracking ovulation, of course.) Dr. Loh was understanding and professional and it took me less than 8 weeks to conceive. I am now far into my second trimester and everything looks great. The visits definitely helped me feel more ready and optimistic, and the reward of feeling my child kicking (and not having to go through the stress of invasive fertility treatments), is so worth it! Thank you both to the doctor and receptionist for all their kindness. Someday my baby will thank them too!  

Name: Denise R 
Subject: Acupuncture for Breech Babies 
Message: At 34 weeks I was told my baby was in a breach position. The doctors were quick to recommend a c-section, but I asked if there was anything natural that I could try. I was fortunate enough to have one of the nurses recommend certain positions and she also told me about acupuncture. 

This is how I met Dr. Loh. I promptly started the acupuncture treatments with him, and not only did my luck turn around, so did the baby. When I went back to the doctor for a consult, the ultrasound demonstrated the baby was now "Head down". 

I have a PhD in Health Science and I'm a licensed Physician Assistant in which I practice traditional medicine, but I can say with certainty, the acupuncture worked. The only recommendation I have is that you must start the treatments as soon as possible. If you wait until 38-39 weeks, it's highly unlikely the baby will move in any direction. 

Dr. Loh is friendly, helpful and an all around great doctor. I was happy he saw me so promptly. While I was going to try to have the baby turned externally, it became unnecessary with the help of Dr. Loh. My husband was with me for the treatments and afterwards and we both watched the baby begin to move and turn. It was truly amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Loh!  

Name: Hans
Subject: Acupuncture
Message: I'm an Osteopathic Physician myself, and like most of us suffering from daily aches and pains related to a hectic lifestyle. Dr. Loh has treated me twice sonar and I experienced the results to be more than remarkable: I found acupuncture to be an incredible modality that not only treats the ailment, but will also give you a lasting sense of wellbeing. Dr. Loh is indeed a wonderful and gentle Physician, who explains everything he does. And, like, Dr. Gina, who indeed feels and looks better since she started going, I plan on making acupuncture part of my own care on a regular basis as well. Thank you, Dr. Loh!!!  

Name: Kathy Brand
Subject: My first acupuncture treatment 
Message: I had acupuncture today for the first time to help me deal with some emotional and physical stress I've been under. I am indebted to Dr. Loh for making it such a soothing, enjoyable, and healing experience. I highly recommend Dr. Loh's skilled and compassionate treatment. 

Name: Patricia Dowd
Message: As a last resort, I went to Dr. Loh because I had been suffering from migraines and vertigo for many years. Initially, I was a skeptic but felt I had no where else to turn. Despite numerous doctor visits and taking various prescriptions, I still felt sick all the time. Needless to say, the cure seemed to be causing more harm than the initial problems. I could no longer bear the pain. 

Well, that was almost seven years ago prior to my own wedding, which I thought I was not going to be able to attend due to constant headaches. Following my visits to Dr. Loh, that has all changed. Now I can look up at a light without getting dizzy to the point of falling down. I no longer have to stay in bed in darkness. In addition, I can enjoy a sunny day without dark sunglasses. 

Acupuncture has helped me to live a normal life. I am so totally amazed at how these fine little needs work!!! But Dr. Loh is much more then a Doctor. He is a true healer! He has great compassion for all his patients.

Happy are the lives of those who has turned to his method of healing. Dr. Loh's technique has proved successful to many who could find relief no where else! 

Name: Bob
Subject: Chronic Pain
Message: I suffered from back pain for over thirty years. I had spine surgery for two herniated dies in the lumbar and I have degenerative disc disease and degenerative arthritis of the spine. I have been to a Pain Center for various procedures for pain, and has the series of Epidural Injections in the Lumbar spine area, all without any significant pain relief. Internal medicine taken over a period of time resulted in stomach problems. A friend referred me to Dr. Loh, M.D. for an evaluation. I was evaluated by Dr. Loh, M.D. and received my first Acupuncture Treatment. I returned for a series of Treatments and now I return periodically for treatments for pain control. Thanks to Dr. Loh, I now have a better quality of life and I am grateful for all that he has done for me.  ​